Through-hole plating line

We recommend two different variants to achieve a high quality through hole plating:

for simple pcbs the riveting press FAVORIT offers a very cheap but effective mechanical solution.

For more sophisticated boards the use of the chemical/galvanic plating through hole (PTH) method is recommended. For this procedure the plating through hole machines of the compacta or profi-line serve as a perfect solution. Moreover, we offer COMPACTA series for a number of different tasks like tin or nickel-gold surface plating, desmear and sealbond application.
Compacta lines can be adapted to almost any world wide available systems of chemicals according to your special demands. Please contact us!


Compacta 30

Professsional equipment for laboratory prototyping of through-hole plated PCBs up to 210 x 300 mm size. Clean system including built-in rinsing compartment. Maintenance free and made for easy processing and handling. This particular machine type is optimized in terms of space requirements annd costs. Compacta 30 is suitable for the Dexter 3 D process (known on the market as the ABC chemical system). Bigger and customized units are also available

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compacta 30

Compacta 40 2CU

Professsional equipment for laboratory prototyping of through-hole plated PCBs. Due to a second galvanic tank and increased tank dimensions, the Compacta 40 can plate 2 separate PCBs of max. 300 x 400 mm size at the same time! Smaller and bigger units are available. Compacta is manufactured according to your requirements. Clean system including built-in rinsing compartment. This particular machine type COMPACTA 40 ABC 2xCu was optimized to suit the ABC chemistry which is also supplied by Bungard.

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Hand-operated machine, especially for mechanical through-hole-plating purposes. Professional through-hole-platings by individual tools for each rivet diameter. Optimal contacts, even without soldering. Favorit offers high quality results at a low cost level.

New: to arrange and fix multilayer pcbs before pressing we offer special brass tubular rivets with outer diameter 3.0 mm and a suitable tool for Favorit.

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HitecPlate2030 and HitecPlate3040

The HitecPlate2030 and HitecPlate3040 are universally applicable electroplating machines for the deposition of metals and serve for the production of plated-through-hole printed circuit boards in vertical technology for prototype and small batch production.

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HitecPlate2030 und Hitec3040 Durchkontaktierungsanlagen


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