Upgrade Bungard Pick&Place SMT 3000
Line 2 Prototypes and small series

Dispensing of solder paste or glue with the Bungard StenPrint 3000 and Bungard SMD-Stencils


Component Pick&Place with the Bungard SMT 3000 BASIC Light or SMT 3000 PLUS Light
(without dispensing function)

Reflow soldering with the Bungard Reflow Oven HotAir06


System features:

Max. substrate size: 300 mm x 370 mm

Max. placement area: 245 mm x 350 mm

Max. thickness of pcb: 0,5 mm bis ~ 4 mm

Height below pcb: min. 39 mm, max. 50 mm

Components: Chip 0201 bis QFP 0,65 mm Pitch

Max. component height: ca. 16 mm

Pre-heat temperature: 60-260°C

Reflow time: 0-999 Sekunden

Reflow temperature: 90-300°C