which printer is perfect for layouts?

really good layouts are essential, but can be archieved only........ 1) with a laser plotter (like our movie stars, see website) However, this device will cost € 6950! 2) or from a layout or printer service Laser printers and bubble jets are always a compromise. Laser printer toner distribution is not correct, especially for large areas, because A4 sheets, toner drum need two turns, and the second half toner applicaton is weak. Remedy here, if you make two printouts, and both sets of each other, the toner density is almost perfect, because the toner error can not be reproduced. Bubble Jet (inkjet) are far better. When ink nozzle is clean and colour is full, layout is black ! But, good combination of overhead foil and colour is important. For sure, your local office supplies dealer will help. As just a neutral market observer, and found, that we have had several positiv feedbacks and excellent results with bubble jets of Epson 1500 series, which end up in perfectly scaled and dark black layouts.

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