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New !! Bungard Laser Direct - UV laser direct imaging with the Bungard CCD

Besides the new Bungard Laser Direct – a UV laser direct imaging system with the Bungard CCD, we offer two different types of exposure units to meet your demands: Hellas is a precise vaccuum exposure unit with superactinic fluorescend tubes, whereas EXP 8000 is a high performance exposure unit with double sided mercury halide lamps and UV counter/sensors.


High precision vacuum exposure unit especially designed for double sided contact exposure of presensitized base materials such as tampon printing clichés, PCBs, front-panels, daylight films and other UV sensitive coatings.


  • 2 x 6 superactinic UV -tubes, each 20 W
  • Special reflectors for minimum undercut
  • Analogue light emission display
  • Lower exposure surface from 8 mm special glass
  • Upper exposure area from structured mylar foil in a sturdy frame
  • Working area 570 x 300 mm

-> Details exposure unit Hellas


EXP 8000

The EXP 8000 is a high speed double sided exposure machine mainly designed for industrial production and equipped with two 4000 W mercury halide lamps. These lamps in about 90 cm distance of the PCB ensure almost parallel light.


EXP 8000 guarantees a perfect exposure within a minimum of time and energy consumption by two UV sensors. The required exposure energy is preset on a keyboard and shown on a digital readout. The two intelligent UV-light emission controllers (one per side) automatically measure the energy supplied per side and stop the exposure at preset amount of light energy.

-> Details exposure unit EXP 8000


EXP 3040 LED

High speed double sided exposure

The EXP 3040 LED is a high speed double sided exposure machine mainly designed for high resolution production of printed circuit boards, stencils and clichés in small and medium quantities !

Two special 50 W LED bulbs ensure almost parallel light.

-> Details Bungard EXP 3040


Bungard Laser Direct

Bungard LDI, UV laser direct imaging system for all common types of photoresists.

Target Customers are electronic developers with frequent layout changes, who want to process their PCB prototypes (e.g. antenna structures), in wet processing technology according to industrial standards. Most samples shown here were typically made in about 3 minutes.

-> Details Bungard Laser Direct

Bungard UV Laserdirektbelichtung


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