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Bungard CCD Starter Kit  

Starter kit for Bungard CCD

To work directly with your Bungard CCD, some accessories are required. For our new customers we arranged a starter kit according to our experience.

amount of delivery:
40 pcb routers(10xG30°, 10xG60°, 5x0.8mm SCFT, 5x1.0mm SCFT, 2x1.2mm SCFT, 2x 1.5mm SCFT, 2x2.0mm SCFT, 2x2.5mm SCFT, 2x3.0mm SCFT)
40 carbid drills (5x0.6mm, 5x0.7mm, 5x0.8mm, 5x0.9mm, 4x1.0mm, 3x1.1mm,3x1.2mm, 2x1.3mm, 2x1.5mm, 2x2.0mm, 2x2.5mm, 2x3.0mm
100 reference pins; 3 pcb cleaner; 1 special adhesive tape
10 boards FR4 200x300x1,5mm 35/0 copper; 10 boards FR4 200x300x1,5mm 35/35 copper
5 drill backing boards 245x330x6mm

teaser bohrer 195x110px  

Drills and routers

High quality, precisely grinded carbide drill and routing bits. All models have a reinforced shank of 3,175 mm and are equipped with a distance ring. The distance from the tip to the upper side of the ring is 21 mm. The ring has a diameter of 7.5 mm and is labeled or color-coded accosding to the diameter. The tools are packaged in resealable plastic boxes.

Reference pins / rivets

3.0x5,4mm (1pack=100pc)

Frästiefenbegrenzer für Bungard CCD  

Work space illumination for CCD

On request, the Bungard CCD can be equipped with a suitable LED work space

illumination. The illumination is mounted under the spindle holder and follows the machining in the X, Y and Z direction.

Frästiefenbegrenzer für Bungard CCD  

New dust extraction for Bungard CCD

from now on a new enhanced dust extraction for Bungard CCD Maschinen is available.


  • less noise
  • no height loss in z-axis
Bungard CCD Schallschutz-Rack  

Noise / dust protection-rack

available for CCD-ATC, CCD-MTC, CCD-2

Bungard CCD Schall / Staubschutzhaube (Tischversion)  

Dust / noise cover

(table top)

Bungard CCD - Kompressor für die ATC-Modelle  

Compressor for Bungard CCD

oil free- 8 bar
super silent- approx..54 db/A

picture similar

Bungard CCD - Digitalmikroskop mit USB-Anschluss  

Digital Microscope with 1.3 megapixel für BUNGARD CCD
incl. adaptor for z-axis

functional digital microscope camera. Simply connect DigiMicro 1.3 via USB port to your computer - power is provided by the USB connection. Equipped with 4 white LED DigiMicro 1.3 magnifies up to 200 times and it offers a 1.3 megapixel camera, that takes pin sharp photos or records videos of the intended object.

Beispielbild Video - Bungard CCD Digitalmiktoskop   Video resolution 1280x960, 800x600, 640x480, 352x288, 320x240, 160x120
  • Power supply via USB 2.0 Anschluss
  • Light source 4 white LEDs
  • AVI Videoformat
Bungard CCD - USB-Kamera für Passmarkenerkennung  


for fiducial recognition with the calibration module of RoutePro3000

Bungard CCD - Adapter mit Oberfräsenmotor  

Adapter with router motor

for milling and engraving e.g. plastics

Bungard CCD - manuelles Dosiergerät  

Manual dispenser

with contact switch for dispensing module of RoutePro3000

Bungard CCD - Vakuumtischaufrüstung   Upgrade vacuumtable

Bungard CCD - Kühlmittelzufuhr (Venturi-System)


Cooling liquid storage

with venturi nozzle for aluminium routing

Mechanische Durchkontaktierung Favorit   Mechanical PTH
Bungard CCD - Softwarepakete   Softwarepackages e.g.:
  • Dispenselicense (RoutePro3000 for Windows XP - Windows 8 64-bit)
  • Remote control (RoutePro3000 for Windows XP - Windows 8 64-bit)
  • Calibration license (RoutePro3000 for Windows XP - Windows 8 64-bit)
  • UV-Laser-exposure (RoutePro3000 for Windows XP - Windows 8 64-bit)
  • More modules under construction (Documentation, Inspection)
  • CAD/CAM/ Isolation-milling-software: IsoCam/ IsoCamPro for Windows XP - Windows 8 64-bit

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