Bungard Pick&Place SMT3000
ORIGINAL BUNGARD Presensitized Boards
Bungard LDI, UV laser direct imaging system for all common types of photoresists.
PROFILINE: PCB production with negative resist, galvanic through hole plating (PTH), green solder mask and blue components printing

By the way, I love the "Isolation Milling vs. Etching" statement on your web site, I couldn't agree more. Last year we bought a chemical processing line for PCB prototyping while other universities spend about the same amount of money on routers from your competitor near Hannover. Since then we made hundreds of industry-quality PCBs while they keep their ProtoMats on display, as rare artifacts. Once the process is established the costs of etching PCBs is a tiny fraction of the costs of isolation milling. The only problem was that we had to drill the holes manually, which hopefully will be solved now...


Best regards,

Marius RANGU, PhD



"Politehnica" University of Timisoara, RO Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty 2


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