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Green Coat

Bungard Greencoat Lötlack

Green Coat is a new spray coating for all PCBs that are manually soldered.

you preprare your PCB as usual and you remove the etchresist completely.

2. Step
if you like, you may add immersion tinning to the copper surface (not obligatory)

you spray coat the PCB with a thin layer of Green coat.

you wait for 5 minutes to let the surface dry.

do your normal hand soldering through the green coating. You will recognize, that soldering is very easy. GREEN COAT is containing flux and improves solderability!

Cure green coat in an oven at 80°C for one hour or for 2 days at normal room temperature.
The coating will now protect your PCB.

Greencoat is available as 150ml and 300ml spray bottle.


you may use ORIGINAL BUNGARD positiv boards:

Step 1:
develop the photoresist after etching once again with a negative films with open PADs.

Step 2: apply our immersion tin SUR-TIN just to the now open PADs the photoresist will stay on the tracks and protect them.

That will also lead to good solderability on the pads and looks also nice although it does not create
any extra costs!


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